Marine Batteries

leisure batteries for sale are all over the place. But of course, these batteries are not created equal. For one, some of these batteries last longer than the others.

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Leisure Batteries to the Rescue

And what really are these leisure batteries for sale, anyway? Are they just like any other battery in the market? How excellent of you to ask!

Not All Batteries Are Created Equal

Your query not only goes to show that the audience is listening. And besides, you can get into so much trouble using the type of batteries under discussion for just about any application. For example, you might think that these power storage cells can apply to cars just as well.

While the word leisure can easily be associated with cars, boats do have a better claim to the terminology. Think yachts, sailboats, and even cruise ships for that matter.

To avoid any confusion, the term marine batteries are probably much better. You can use this terminology to imply the kind of batteries that are at home both on land and on water. One caveat, however. No matter how versatile the intrepid class of power cells is, it does last longer when it's not subjected to water or moisture.

The average life span of marine batteries is three years. And this will explain there are no battery warranties exceeding the said time frame. No battery manufacturer will be crazy enough to offer a lifetime warranty--you get the picture.

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Power Cell Differentiation

As with car batteries, the marine counterpart may be subdivided or categorised into crank or beyond crank. This said, you either use the battery in question to jump start the engine or to power accessories attached to the power storage device. Thus, deep-cycle batteries are said to do more work than their crank-only equivalents.

Are You Low Batt Yet?

Just as you would look under the hood of your automobile to ascertain engine health or sophistication, you would like to find out how deep-cycle batteries tick. Indeed, these are almost always comprised of dual technologies such as lead plates and sulfuric acid. But why sulfuric acid, you might ask?

Why Batteries Are Like Us

The answer, in one word, is electrolytes. Just as you would consume electrolytes to maintain enough water in your system, so too, must marine power storage modules. In fact, the deep-cycle species of the marine battery kingdom may either be wet, gel or of the absorbed glass mat variety.

The Final Word

It won't hurt to overcharge your smartphone battery to give yourself uninterrupted sleep at night. But you cannot do the same thing to a boat battery without getting yourself in trouble. In a sense, you will not only short-circuit the power module. You can cause the acid inside to boil, induce the battery to crack, and worse, damage your boat permanently.

So it pays to know that you have 48 hours to fully charge. Of course, this period of time can only get shorter as battery technology becomes increasingly more sophisticated. The moral of the story? Check the manual.